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Donald Shores

I became interested in mental health when our son in law was diagnosed with Bipolar. His mood swings were so extremely up and down. He would make his family upset when he would go off of his medication. He became abusive until he went back onto the medication. He would get better when he went back on the medication and felt okay, but would stop. It was hard for us and his family to deal with the abuse. He finally got help and was able to understand what was happening to him and has been able to live a better life because of the help. 


I have experienced a mental health issue when I dropped out of college. I contemplated suicide and didn’t care about anything or anyone. I got help and was able to understand what had happened to me. With help I became better and was able to enlist in the Navy and served 4 years as a communication technical operator successfully.  


I was extremely fortunate to get help with people who understand the mental help, if you accept the help, we can live a happy life. I have been blessed with the help of God. I now own Shores Marketing & Printing company.

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