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Title Author
Believing Hope Michael Cartwright
Deep Recovery Charles Parker
What on Earth Am I Here For Rick Warren
Attention Deficit Disorders in Adults Dr. Lynn Weiss
Driven to Distraction Hallowell and Ratey
ADHD – Complete and Authoritative Guide REIFF editor
Living with Anxiety Disorders Allen Miller
Love Is Letting Go of Fear Gerald Jampolsky
Living with Stress and Anxiety Bob Whitmore
The Best Awful (a novel) Carrie Fisher
Mind on the Run Dottie Pacharis
Bipolar Disorder for Dummies Candida Fink/Joe Kraynak
Bipolar Disorder – A Guide for Families Francis Mandemore
2 copies
Night Navigation Ginnah Howard
Childhood Bipolar Disorder Answer Book Tracy Anglada/Sheryl Hakala
Intervention Vernon Johnson
2 copies
Imagining Robert – My Brother, Madness, Survival Jay Neugeboren
The Burden of Sympathy David Karp
Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul
Rebecca’s Rose Jane Hennessey
Duct Tape and WD-40 David Anderson Brown
Voices in the Family Daniel Gottlieb
Crazy – A Father’s Search Pete Earley
2 copies
A Hidden Madness James T R Jones
Catch a Falling Star Gayle Grass
Lucky Horseshoes Gayle Grass
Brandon and the Bipolar Bear Tracy Anglada
Happily Ever After 4 Stories of Recovery 4 Authors
Turbo Max Tracy Anglada
What Are You So Grumpy A?bout Tom Lichtenheld
Honorable Intentions Pacer Center, Inc.
Educating Your Child with an Emotional Disturbance Pacer Center, Inc.
A Guide Book for Parents of Children with Disorders Pacer Center, Inc.
Overcoming Destructive Beliefs, Feelings and Behaviors Albert Ellis
Giving From the Heart Susan P. Byrnes
Living Through Personal Crisis Ann Kaiser Stearns
Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So Mark Vonnegut
How To Be a People Helper Gary R Collins
When Alzheimer’s disease strikes Dr. Stephen Sapp
Impressive Depressives Peter Nolan Lawrence
Beat Depression with St. John’s Wort Steven Bratman
You Are Not Alone Julia Thorne
2 copies
This Fantastic Struggle – Esther Phillips Lisa A. Miles
Ascent From Darkness Captain Al Kent
Undercurrents – A Life Beneath the Surface Martha Manning
Help For the Battered Woman Lydia Savina
Shockaholic Carrie Fisher
2 copies
Electroshock Max Fink
Depression for Dummies laurel Smith/Charles Elliot
Shock – Healing Power of Electro Convulsive Therapy Kitty Dukakis/Larry Tye
The Angry Man David Stoop/Stephen Arterburn
Help To Get Help John and Pat O’Neil
6 copies
Intervention Vernon E Johnson
2 copies
When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness Rebecca Wallace
Letters From My Sister United Church Resources
Straight Talk Conni Wells
Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid!
Gina Gallagher/Patricia Konjoian
Crazy – A Father’s Search Pete Earley
An Egg On Three Sticks Jackie Moyer Fischer
Manic-Depressive Illness
Frederick Goodwin/Kay Jamison
Getting Control – Overcoming Your Obsessions & Compulsions Lee Baer
Touched With Fire K Jamison
The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Washing Judith Rappaport
The Family Guide to Mental Health Care Lloyd Sederer
And So Am I John Paul Wulf
Brain Matters Elizabeth Nelson
The Insanity Offense E Fuller Torrey
Gabby Gabrielle Giffords/Mark Kelly
After the Crime Susan L. Miller
The Seventh Angel Alex McKeithen
My Stroke of Insight Jill Bolte Taylor
Recovery In Our Own Words Keystone Community MHF
Full Esteem Ahead Diane Loomans
Broken Open Elizabeth Lesser
Necessary Losses Judith Viorst
The Bondage Breaker Neil T Anderson
Making a Change For God Cheri Huber
Being Happy Andrew Matthews
Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience Mahaly Csikszentmihalyi
Surviving Schizophrenia E. Fuller Torrey
Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Herbert Wagemaker
3 copies
Medical illness and schizophrenia
Jonathan Meyer/Henry Nasrallah
The Greatest Secret in the World Og Mandino
Battlefield of the Mind Joyce Meyer
Further Along the Road Less Traveled M Scott Peck
The Road Less Traveled and Beyond M Scott Peck
The Seat of the Soul Gary Zukav
The Road Less Traveled M Scott Peck
In Search of Stones M Scott Peck
Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified Robert O. Friedel
The History of Swimming Kim Powers
When Once Is Not Enough Gail Stekelee/Kerrin White
Words To Love By Mother Theresa
Psychiatric Medications For Children Mark Perrin
The City On the Hill Ernest Morrison
Cracked Not Broken Kevin Hines
2 copies
Behind Closed Doors Sherer M. Murtiashaw
Navigating Your Health Benefits for Dummies Wendy Richards
NAMI – The Pact Model
Deborah Allness/William Knoedler
Sanity To An Insane World Anthony Bachman
Healthy Living With Bipolar Disorder International Bipolar Foundation
Intervention Vernon Jordan
2 more copies
How To Have Confidence & Power in Dealing With People Les Giblin
No More Secrets John and Patricia Gallagher
When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness Rebecca Woolis
2 copies

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