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MyTherapy is a medication reminder and health tracker app that has been designed specifically for those living with chronic illnesses, like mental illnesses. Taking medication is an essential part of treating bipolar disorder in the form of mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics, and anti-depressants. These medications can come with side-effects initially and if they are not taken strictly as prescribed, then the patient will not be able to manage his/her bipolar effectively and relapses can occur. Also, skipping medications for bipolar can also cause ugly side-effects and because these drugs are very strong, skipping them often means that the patient has to start again from a lower dose and then titrate upwards again. This all hinders the process of managing bipolar and leading a productive and healthier life. MyTherapy is a practical and easy-to-use smartphone app, which is available for free, that helps users manage their medication to get the best out of their treatment regimens. The app also has a health diary and allows users to track side-effects, symptoms, moods, and set health goals. Users can also invite family and friends on the app for extra support when it comes to medication adherence meaning that managing bipolar becomes a group effort. Visit (  for more info.


Medications can’t help you if you don’t take them

MyTherapy: Your personal pill reminder and medication tracker app

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