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Renée Franchi

Background: I am an attorney with the CGA Law Firm in York, Pennsylvania.  Prior to working with CGA, I was a Senior Prosecutor with the York County District Attorney’s Office.  While at the District Attorney’s office I was a team member of the York County Adult Mental Health Treatment Court and the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court, and was involved in the review of applications, including psychiatric and psychological records, and the day-to-day decision making regarding those participating in the programs.  I personally supervised cases involving commitment of individuals suffering from mental health conditions who were charged with crimes and diverting those individuals to the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation-based supervision pursuant to the Mental Health Procedures Act. 


Reason for Seeking Board Membership: I am committed to mental health awareness.  Through my time working at the District Attorney’s Office, as well as due to close personal and familiar relationships with those suffering from mental health conditions, I have continually witnessed how members of the population suffering from mental health conditiosn and their support networks are under-represented and lack proper resources for treatment.  I have first-hand experience with how “the system” has failed those individuals who are the most vulnerable, need treatment, resources, and support, and would be honored to sit on the Board of Directors of NAMI to further its mission.


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